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Thank you in advance for listening to and considering the advantages of becoming one of our "Broadcast Affiliates" and syndicating Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show ... below are three of the 58 minute shows in mp3 that you can download and have a listen to ...

Click here and have a listen to Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show Dose # 4- mp3

Click here to listen to Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show Dose # 5- mp3

Click here to listen to Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show Dose # 18 - mp3

Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription is a pre-recorded weekly one hour celebration of guitar players and guitar music in general with commentary, quotes, historical perspective and trivia on the evolution of guitar playing tying it all together.

We are currently looking for radio stations to carry this new and exciting radio program and would love for you to be a part of it ..

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Telephone: 702-878-4948

e-mail: ducks@ducksdeluxe.com

We play the most incredibly awesome guitar music in the world ... from the very best players known ... in all different genre of music - with commentary and quotes about the history and guitar community in general from Dr.Duck (the creator of Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube) ... coming to you one right after another ... straight from out here in the desert - Las Vegas Nevada USA. - the entertainment capitol of the world !!

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Your cost to syndicate ?

Feel free to phone 702-878-4948 for further facts and to discuss pricing options to fit any budget.


How do I receive the shows?

Just download the pre-recorded shows ... we'll e-mail you the url to download from ...

Created and sponsored by ducksdeluxe.com and K U N V - 91.5 Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why syndicate Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription ? -

We're bringing you 2 really "White Hot" topics to present to your audience at he same time -

1)- "Guitar" (check out the sales numbers on the guitar and guitar accessory industry as well as all of the guitar video games) ...


2)- "Las Vegas" (there's now a poker game going on TV ... it seems like almost every day)

It's easy to get new sponsors for Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription - contact the guitar and music stores in your area, they are probably already carrying one or more of Dr.Ducks or Ducks Deluxes' guitar accessories anyway and offer them the opportunity to sponsor "An All Guitar Radio Hour" ... you usually won't have to say please

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We invite you to include this new cutting edge radio show in your weekly radio programming and become a part of it ....

Let me know your thoughts after you've heard the show for yourself ... 


Thanks ... John (Dr.Duck) Duck


Syndication is Immediately Available Globally ... All radio stations interested in adding Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show to your programing ... please contact Dr.Duck as soon as possible about adding this new and exciting show to your format.


World Wide !!

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