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A very special "THANKS" for the following information that was sent in by Steve Matthes... folks like Steve are what "Dr.Ducks Dating Service" is all about .. making the worlds largest resource of guitar dates as complete and accurate as possible for the entire world to enjoy ... Thanks again Steve ...

I just found your site. I am not a rep of Hamer guitars, but you can easily confirm any of the below info with Kim Keller at Hamer USA. I am compiling a registry of Hamer guitars from 1974-1987 and custom instruments after that, so the info below is pretty accurate.

Hamer guitars initially followed a four digit (stamped on headstock) code from #0000 on up to approximately #0750. Beginning in 1977 with the introduction of "production" guitars (if you can call the '77's that), a separate numbering scheme was initiated. "production" guitars starting in 1977 began with inked on codes (ie "7 0001"), with the first digit being the second # of the production year and the remaining #'s the number of that guitar. So in the example "7 0001", this is the first guitar produced using this sceme and was made in 1977.

The stamped four digit serial #'s continued to be used for the top of the line Standard models and multistring basses as well as some other custom instruments, until 1985, when all instruments began receiving inked on numbers. It is much more difficult to date these as there is no year code in the serial #. In 1987, the inked on #s gave way to stamped numbers using the same numbering sceme which continues today. Again, the first number is the last number of the production year. It is easy to tell a 1987 guitar from a 1997 as the numbers are much higher for the latter (#717207, being a 1987 and #750342, being a 1997 guitar).

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