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(Thanks and Praises, Feedback and Accolades, Rave Reviews, Testimonials and True Stories from Customers and Users of the Harmony Wheel)

"I learned more about music theory and understood it better spending two hours with your wheel than I did in two years of music theory classes"- Laurie Charlwood

"Harmony Wheel - life should'nt be this easy." - rydeto

"Great for any aspiring songwriters and axe players!" - 757efren

I've used the Wheel 6 weeks and learned more than I thought possible. Thanks!! -  hodadfirst

TOO COOL! Figured it out before reading the instructions. - harleybikertrash

"Harmony Wheel - An assett to any musician, highly recommended!!" - jimsonweeds

"Harmony Wheel - Great Product - Rock on" - archcardinal

"The Harmony Wheel is an excellent tool. It'll help a lot with jazz improvisation" - Best regards, - Richard

A VERY useful tool to keep in the guitar case at all times - alanpope1944

Great little tool. You need it, get it. you all will learn from it! - 1548821

Awesome product~ A real all around time saver! Many thanks~ A+++ -  zeppelin_head

Great product - the best I have seen - great person to deal with AAA+++++ - dez

Just wanted to say the Harmony Wheel has helped my son understand music theory, before this he couldn't visualize the chord patterns thanks - bert

Great product -- a must have ! - peteeichwald

I just went over this Harmony Wheel ( http://www.ducksdeluxe.com/harwheel.html ) website the information is incredible. You should have a flier in every music room in every school across the country. I wished that I had the advantage of your wheel when I was a struggling song writer looking for that special note. I purchased it for my 14 year old son, a composer in his own right. He is now sitting at his computer writing on his Finale program with wheel in hand. - STEVEN GLAZER

" The Harmony Wheel is a very cool tool ... The more you use it, the more you understand music" - Michael Curtis

Great product! Easy to use. Transposing tunes is a zip!!! Thanks!!  tommytitleistgolf

Neat device -- I keep it on my music stand at all times. - okperry

The Harmony Wheel is a wonderful tool to have, Thanks AAAAA+++++-  koolken60

VERY useful device. Fantastic idea ... - exs1000

Superb music educational tool. Fast shipping, product is well made. - coyotewhacker

Good tool for reference. - relicsnstuff

Wow what a tool for teaching & learning. U better get one. Highly recommended.A+ - murphyh2007

Great tool for all levels. Fast shipping.A++ Buyer: joebeaner1899

Harmony Wheel Really Neat Tool ! Thanks !!! Buyer: 55surveyor

COOL TOOL !!!! Buyer: flybynightu1

Dr. Ducks is top notch! Buyer: marlin423

Fast delivery, great tool for theory-challenged players like me! Buyer: corpcanada

This harmony wheel will help me find the "odd" chord I can hear, but can not identify! - cowboymusicminister

My Harmony Wheel Just arrived. This thing is the coolest.- berrybd

Wow what can I say that hasn't been said, the Harmony Wheel is awesome. Flawless sale - sgtstadenko

FANTASTIC product and I have been playing guitar 43 years. The Harmony Wheel is a useful product.AAAA++ Buyer: bigbumper

Harmony Wheel, Great for any level of guitar. Highly recommend. Arrived quickly. GREAT SELLER ! - kristoff5476

The Harmony Wheel is fabulous! Thanks so much! - foxsong

The Harmony Wheel REALLY WORKS! - donnie20_0geym

Harmony Wheel - Awesome tool! Thank you Dr. Duck! Fast shipping..A+++ - rbrandon5510

Harmony Wheel - Really fast shipping awesome product! - mtuckner

Harmony Wheel, A very useful and instructive tool-Doctor Duck rules! -  syracuse_jon

Harmony Wheel - Great item! Very useful in laying out new progressions! Nice!! Fast transaction! - captiantimbis

My wife who is a piano teacher enjoys the Harmony Wheel. My daughter who is in her 3rd year of studying Piano Performance has found the Harmony Wheel very helpful also. Thanks Ben James

This music theory device is a great aid for students. Highly recommended!!Thanks -  mrretard

Dad loves the harmony wheel... Super FAST Shipping... Thanks so much !!! :) -  deltas440


The Harmony wheel is very easy to use, and a very helpfull reference. Highly recommended!! -  dhylander

Harmony Wheel -- Great product--every musician needs one of these!!!! - dchussey

Got it ! the harmony wheel key unlocked my musical mental block , thank you.-  rcongelosi

Ive been using the Harmony Wheel for 3 days, I find it a great tool for jazz composition -  runawayfool5671

Cool learning device, thanks, I should have had it long ago AAAAAA++++++++++ - shopkins5

Smart Tool , compact and durable Here already! Thank You - Ray

Innovative product, started playing great chord progression almost instantly. -  russrob84

If you are serious about playing music - get the Theory Wheel - it is a must! -  hanochhe

Thank you for your quick response and will use it with my students. Thanks -  protrumpetplaye

Music Dial Is Great !! Change Keys Without Thinking !! Great Service, Too !!!! -  0315julian

Great tool. Has made remembering music school 30 years ago a whole lot easier!! - cherylgreg2

Terriffic product. This makes it so easy.. fast delivery. Thx - mdwainb


What a fantastic tool.... I luv it ! THANKS. - tearfull52

Reveived the wheel, It was just what I was looking for. Thanks. -  junk_yard_2

The Harmony Wheel is fantastic - Duck rules! - julleke_be

Very helpful product, exactly what i've been looking for! - macatowa

Very helpful in understanding notational relationships.A big help to me! Thanks! -  hscrane

Immediate contact and shipping. Wish I had the Wheet 45 years ago. Get it now! - gefrn

Beautifully designed, filled with many layers of knowledge .A+++ - harvsko

A great item makes music easy. everything right there on the wheel. Thanks Dr D - gadrifter58

Excellent item for a gigging musician - thanks again! - marengo21

"What more needs to be said? A simply excellent tool for understanding musical theory" - Al Bruno

"I see the Harmony Wheel as just the beginning, where today we have a Harmony Wheel, I see tomorrow, a brand new set of Hot Wheels! Excellent idea & much needed"- Paul Decker

"The Harmony Wheel is a Great learning device."- bigtruck454

"The Harmony Wheel is a very neat, useful item. great communication. A++++++seller! Thanks." -   mterry62658

"Harmony Wheel awesome thanks!" - sanbar1983

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"Quick and easy and I like the Harmony Wheel" - doovers

"I love it, (The Harmony Wheel) Don't have to break out the books or comp progs to look up info A++++" - resonantorder

"The harmony wheel arrived today ... Thank you for a very useful and instructive tool." Regards, Christine Derksen

"Love this wheel, Great music tool thanks" - jcfalls

Lovin the harmony wheel, thanks - mb6750

A+ Thanks for the quick ship- # system dial is just what I needed- good deal -  4givengolfer

Very cool tool, this will help me immensely when class starts 1/16 ! A +++ -  mammaava

Ultimate resource to learn & review music theory. Every musician needs, great tool - snoozeboy38

Very useful wheel for students and Musicians alike ...AAAAA+++++ -  bay_thoven

My son enjoys this thingy! Looks Interesting! Quite musical!! - cgmom3

This thing is COOL! Thanks - roxiboxer

A+ A book load of information in a small and very easy-to-use tool. Go for it! -  kenrck

Great product. Simple durable and quick shipping. Thanks. - no-option

This is a WONDERFUL tool to help learn music theory! Thanks so much! A+++ seller - kimgwv

Great product, incredible tool, Super eBayer.. - risart

The Harmony Wheel is a great device! I have an old one like that I acquired in school somewhere, but that thing is totally useful, and I recommend it for anyone who does have one.

Just a note for those of you who are seeking new vistas, a device like this can be used to propel you into your future. If you are serious about becoming a great improviser, you must "hear" your ideas over the changes, otherwise you are simply regurgitating someone else's ideas that you found will get you through a specific set of changes. If you don't fully comprehend the changes, that is like walking a tightrope!

You should be ear-training more than anything so that you truly "hear" whatever chord you find yourself soloing over. A device like the Harmony Wheel saves you precious time in figuring out what will definitely work over a set of changes. Once you know what you can play over a specific chord, as you play that scale or arpeggio against that chord, you can get the colors of whatever that scale or arpeggio provided into your ears. That's really what it's all about.

Chris - It's the journey, not the destination!

Hello-all, several weeks ago I bought a thing called the harmony wheel and last night I finnaly tryed it and surprise it works. I got it at www.ducksdeluxe.com/harwheel.html . it is a color coded thing with two wheels which by turning the inner wheel you can find all the major and minor keys, the degrees, modes, etc etc. it really works and is easier to use than pulling out books or if you are like me many notes written on slips of paper .. it really makes it easy to move from one key to the next and see the degrees so the cords makes sense as I go up and down the fretboard.. just thought it might be a good thing to share.... Michael

Harmony Wheel is awesome. Everyone in the band wants one for themselves. - dman0_8

Fantastic idea, great & easy learning aid ! Would recommend to anyone. - constrella

Very nice music tool; Very pleased customer -  schavey

Excellent item, very handy. Sent fast. A1+ - iddch18t5

The chart is a great tool for beginners or seasoned pros - thegentjeff

The Harmony Wheel, great learning tool, wealth of information , highly reccomended -  08sailor

Cleverly thought out and immensely helpfull teaching aid I will recommend -  ray335

Harmony wheel is elegant simplicity and very attention grabbing. 100% satisfied. - liverpoolbull

Excellent tool for learning(and teaching) basic harmony and theory. A winner!! -  thomasb421

Harmony Wheel awesome product. why didnt i think of that? AA++++ -  loteskina

Just what I have been looking for...the perfect tool. A must have ...Thank you - ftmcmurraybill

Amazing Product! Extremely Useful! Great E-Seller! A***** -  ncezar

AWESOME TOOL.-  model-ex13

Nephew reading tab like crazy but lost with music theory, wheel is great! -  christian_guitar

Very handy wheel for students and anyone who wants to have info at a glance -  bay_thoven

My 10yr-old is experimenting with the Harmony Wheel now and loving it! -  bit-twdlr

A very useful tool. Key relationships are easier to understand. Thanks A+++ -   jtg116

Thanks for fast delivery , very creative tool for any musician . AAA Product. -   vintoysrf

"Quick delivery, handy product, I recomend the harmony wheel for any musician! "- andrewy00

"Great Item, Learned alot already. Still need to study!!! Thanks!!!!!!!"- -   jerrypin123

"The harmony wheel is a great tool, thank you! "- us61-49

"The Harmony Wheel - A must for every musician - great product and fast delivery" - ande0417

"The Harmony Wheel arrived promptly. Brilliant product . I'm very pleased." -  stp50stp50paddy

"Harmony Wheel - Absolutely perfect item. Highly recommend !!!!!" - fantasia1

"A fun, useful product. (The Harmony Wheel) Professionally produced, well-packed! thanks! "- dan9616

"The wheel of theory" - isonoff

"The Harmony Wheel - Great Item! Well thought out! I use it durring practice to learn and refresh." - mjfinpa

"The Harmony Wheel - What a great product! This helps beginner and expert alike. A+A+A+ "- yobuzz777

"Great quick reference! Love it! (Harmony Wheel) Thanks Much :)" - 1adam12guitar

"Everything you need in one wheel, Excellent product." - saira 0000

"Super Fast Shipping, Very Cool Product (harmony wheel) Thank you! A+++" - davidcrswll

"I received my harmony wheel today - fast delivery every musician needs one" - oldwarren

"Very fast shipping, my husband loved the harmony wheel! Thanks"- skromeo

"Recommend the Harmony Wheel to all - this will help a lot - fast shipping, a+++" -  kdwinsteads

"EVERY musician could use the Harmony Wheel! Outstanding seller. A Favorite.. NOW" -  jesuslivesinside

"I'm really pleased with my harmony wheel I recieved from you....thanks" - Hershel

"The Harmony Wheel is a great handy item to have...really makes it easy for my son! Thanks a bunch!"-  greatducksoaps

This thing (The Harmony Wheel) is fantastic! You gotta love it! - Thanks, Ducky! - pdkeng

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Love the Harmony Wheel ! works well and fun to use. - iguanaman17

Looking forward to using it-Harmony Wheel should solve transposing difficulty - 7522tony

What a time saver! Good to know the theory, but this (The Harmony Wheel) takes the work out of it. - bcinoc

Hey Doc! - I received my Harmony Wheel today and just love it! ... What a ton of information at your very fingertips. I will personally use it alot and will recommend it to all my friends and guitar students.  - Jack Jackson

Nice tool, it (The Harmony Wheel) takes out the guess work. - jimb2856

The Harmony Wheel in a useful aid that fits easily into a guitar case, nicely packaged. - voidhill

This (The Harmony Wheel) is a great tool, i know little about music and this has helped a lot. AAAA+ -  speedpeas

Conductor likes it (The Harmony Wheel); send me a price for 10-12; s&h ? - marsiltremble

This (The Harmony Wheel)is a fantastic aid for learning music theory. also got one for my 6 Y.O. - boomandad

What a great tool the harmony wheel is. Am very happy with purchase. Thanks. - whoopyboy

Rec'd Harmony Wheel - coolest thing since PB&J sandwiches! - kgmtlady

Excellent, Ducks Deluxe Rules, Harmony Wheel is a great tool, Thanks -   3022thomas

Great teaching tool (The Harmony Wheel), several other students will buy as well. Excellent! - cfthb

Excellent Harmony Wheel! Perfect Solution!! Fantastic Seller!!! - jellybunny

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