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Voice Over and On Camera Talent for Hire !

NEWS For Immediate Release: John"Dr.Duck" Duck ... best known as the author/host of "Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show" and the inventor of "Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube" musical instrument polish, was inducted into "The Nevada Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame" August 9, 2014.

"I am very proud and yet humbled at the same time to be recognized by my peers this way ... it means a lot" so says Dr.Duck.

"Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show" can be heard on KUNV 91.5 fm if you're in Las Vegas, Nevada or streamed online world wide at if you're not - Sunday evenings 9 pm Las Vegas Time.

"Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube" musical instrument polish can be purchased at most fine guitar shops and music instrument stores.

John (Dr.Duck)Duck, the voice of downtown "Las Vegas' Fremont Street Experiences' Viva Vision", the largest light show in the World, and also the voice of the *"Howdy Pardner Vegas Vic" 75 foot neon sign that stands right next to the Pioneer Club in downtown Las Vegas inviting the whole world to come on out to the "Wild West" and party... CAN NOW BE HIRED to do all of your answering machine messages, on hold messages, local and global advertising, as well as any of your vocal / voice over needs for all media !!

Here .. have a listen to my presentation with actual recordings used at downtown Las Vegas' Fremont Street Experience ...

I am also the creator and host of Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show ... click here for mp3's of 2 actual one hour radio shows and a list of my broadcast affiliates

I also have an additional portfolio of other character voices that you can use as well .. here have a listen to them too ...

OK .. use your imagination, and mine to create the results that you want !! ... I'm open for most anything - I can handle the entire project for you, make it happen, put your name on it, make you look outstanding and make your job a lot easier !!! ... all done at Great Rates !! ... just e-mail me your script/ ideas and/or requirements with what you had in mind and your telephone number... or call 702-878-4948 - we'll talk ... Thanks ... Enjoy ... John Duck

Additional Skills: Master Communicator, Public Speaker, Advanced Closer, Riverboat Gambler, The King of Casual, Finder of Lost Children, Guitar Player Extraordinaire and Last of the Big Time Spenders, Much Too Hip .. gotta go ...

Feel free to phone for further facts ..


*The "Howdy Pardner" "Vegas Vic" 75 foot neon sign that was introduced by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce in 1947, as the symbol of the citys' friendly frontier hospitality, placed right by the Pioneer Club in downtown Las Vegas inviting the whole world to come on out to the "Wild West" and party and has been there ever since.

Voice Over Demos for All Media - Click Here

Languages: English (American)... with various accents and dialects ...

Types of Vocals Offered: Voice Over and On Camera talent for all media ... what did you have in mind ??

Voice "Ages": Teenaged Dude - Middle Age Man - Old Man.

Delivery Options: e-mailed MP-3's and/or CD Overnighted directly to you

Unions: Non Union or Financial Core.

Dialects / Accents / Characters: Cantankerous Old Coot, Edward G. Robinson, Peter Lorre, Slim Pickens, Morris the Cat, American Me, FM Disc Jockey, Texas Oil Man, Cheech and/or Chong, Southern Good Old Boy, Brooklyn Street Thug, Gutter Street Cockney, Upper Class British Butler, Fairfax Avenue Delicatessen Owner, Korean Grocer, El Pachuco, Mafia Don, Surfer Dude, various cartoon characters ...more ..

Experience: I started professional voice work in 1972. telephone, public speaking, radio, voice overs, P.S.A.'s and on camera work on various corporate videos, both instructional, promotional and other. Have been on the radio both locally and nationally.

Training: Studied with voice over coach Betty Lougaris, College Courses, on the job training, weekly workshops, Member Media Guilds International, etc....

Feel Free To Phone 702-878-4948 - For Further Facts and pricing options...

Location: I live and work out of Las Vegas, Nevada and can travel if needed ... also International with the help of MP3's and the World Wide Web.

* On Camera for all media -

Age Group: Born in 1948

Dimensions: 6'-4" tall - Aprox 240 lbs. in weight

Complexion: Blue eyes, blond / gray / silver hair

Experience: Various videos, both instructional and promotional ...

Photo Head Shots: (click here)

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Contact ...

P.O.Box 35677-I
Las Vegas, Nv. 89133

fax 702-878-4959
or e-mail