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4-19-2008 An Update from Lowden ... as follows

To: ducks@ducksdeluxe.com
From: Florence Lowden <fl@georgelowden.com>
Subject: Lowden guitars
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 14:41:27 +0100

Hi there, could we ask you to update your information as it is very out of date! Since January 2004  all Lowden guitars have been made under George Lowden's direct supervision in his family owned studio workshops in DOWNPATRICK, N.IRELAND. Address below

see also


The contact  numbers are;

phone +44 (0)28 44619161
+44 (0)28 44617043

PLEASE NOTE ; the numbers listed on this page of your site are incorrect and will NOT bring anyone into contact with Lowden guitars.

Florence Lowden

George Lowden Guitars Ltd
27 & 32-34 Down Business Park
46 Belfast Road
Downpatrick BT30 9UP


Pre1980 (original Ireland shop) small blue rectangular label - (approx. 300 guitars made)

1980-1985 (Japanese made) rectangular label -
(approx 1000 guitars made per year)

1985- to the present (Ireland) oval label -
(approx. 500-600 guitars made in the first 3 years then approx. 1000 per year there after )..

For more info contact ...

Lowden Guitars
8 Glenford Way
Northern Ireland BT23 4BX

Tel= ++44-(0)- 1247-820542
Fax= ++44(0)- 1247-820650


E-mail = info@lowdenguitars.com

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Contact ...

P.O.Box 35677-I
Las Vegas, Nv. 89133

fax 702-878-4959
or e-mail ducks deluxe