Dr. Duck's Cyberspace Showcase Services


$295.00..Starting from scratch..includes web page design, all sound bytes,full color, all scans needed, our Total Promo Program, links to other sites, two (2) screen dumps of your page (color & b&w), your URL (cyberspace address), your first three (3) months in Dr. Ducks Cyberspace Showcase Services, a"hot link" to your email address (or use ours) and postage to send all of your stuff back to you...

** If you already have a web site or for additional time in Dr. Ducks Cyberspace SHowcase Services ...includes our Total Promo Program... (Total Promo Program runs in three month cycles)

$20.00...per month

$50.00...for three (3) months (aprox. &16.70 per month)

$150.00...for a year ($12.50 per month)

Free Month...for every new client that starts from scratch that you bring to Dr. Duck

US Funds drawn from a US Bank...send to...

Ducks Deluxe
P.O.Box 35677-I
Las Vegas, Nv. 89133

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