~The Quicksilver Mavericks Men Who Ride Mountains Surfing Experience Guitar Supply Package ~

Wanna Party With The Big Boys ?? ... Are You Sure ?!? ..

We're not really sure when this takes place ... it all depends when the surf's up at Maverick's ... It could happen next week... It could happen New Year's Day... In surfing, the waves decide ...

Some of the known dates that have produced some of the greatest big wave contest days in surfing history are December 5th., January 31st., February 2nd., February 17th. and March 3rd. ... but it all depends on the surf ... and don't plan on tuning into the news to find out when that is ... you either have to know the locals who might tell you if your heart is in the right place ... or be born knowing such things...

We're not really sure exactly where Mavericks is either ... some of the landmarks are Santa Cruz, California (home of some of the worlds greatest guitar builders, hard core surfers and beatniks...) Half Moon Bay, Steamer Lane, San Mateo Coast and Pillar Point Air Force Station ??? ... it's somewhere around there or so we've been told ...

We're not really sure who discovered this but we have been informed that it was either in the late 1960s' or early 1970's ...depending on who you talk to ..

In order to participate you have to be invited .. The Quiksilver contest is strictly an invitation-only affair. You won't see world champions, or many of the red-hot surfers of the world professional tour, because most of them want nothing to do with Maverick's... can you blame them ... anyway ... Quiksilver doesn't want guys who have never surfed Maverick's, because they don't know what they're in for ...

Keep in mind ...

There is no beach, only an assortment of massive, unforgiving rocks inside.

There is virtually no parking at Maverick's, where a tiny lot becomes quickly filled by surfers on big days. Every other option is a $40 parking ticket waiting to happen.

You have to climb precariously around the end of a chain-link fence to walk further along the point, and you don't want to let go of that fence it's a sheer 300-foot drop below.

It's an open-ocean wave, more than a quarter mile from shore,

And of course, there's the freezing water, occasionally dipping into the high 40s.

`` Sharks?!? " .. this place is one of the best known places in the world to consistently find Great White Sharks as well as huge Makos' ...

Once there, it's hard to even see where the waves break.

The whole thing will be run strictly from the water, where a 65-foot boat will house judges, competitors, officials and camera operators.

We're talking quadruple and quintuple overhead with some waves in the 40 foot range !! ... some El Nino days are right off the scale.

You are towed like a water-skier into giant waves by jet skis so you can drop in for the ride...

A number of surfers have had near-death experiences...

We're not really sure if this is for the bravest of the brave ??, ... stone crazies ?? ... thrill seekers ?? ... deranged maniacs ?? .. people with a death wish ?? ...or those who are just plain bored looking for excitement ?? ...

We are sure that you have to really know what you're doing here .... a few have international reputations, as for the rest ... they are underground legends.

Dr.Duck salutes this event and hopes that they can keep it sacred for all who want to party with the big boys ... forever ... we offer ~The Quicksilver Mavericks Men Who Ride Mountains Surfing Experience Guitar Supply Package ~ in honor of the spirit, madness and legend of this little known event ... you get everything ...

1- Bottle of Dr.Ducks Ax Wax ----------------------------------------------$15.95 Retail
1-Guitar Neck Rest------------------------------------------------------------$29.95 Retail
1- Dr.Ducks Polishing Cloth Kit with String Winder----------------------$8.95 Retail
1- Spin-A-Roo Power String Winder ----------------------------------------$5.00 Retail
2- sets of Ducks Deluxe Guitar Strings -----------------------------------------
--(up to)--$31.80 Retail
1- Cardboard Box to keep it all in --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Priceless

Plus Freight-------------------------------------------------------------------$9.00

A Retail Offer of close to ---------$90.00... or so ...

All For Only---$45.90 !!!

Ship/Hndl will run you $9.00 delivered anywhere in the Continental U.S or Canada ... or ... $24.50 delivered anywhere else in the world !!

(Acoustic or Electric or Dobro - 6 or 12 String Guitar String set .. Your Choice !!)


YES !!! .. It's True !! ...Everything a Guitarist Could Want ! ... SAVE TIME AND $$$ - You get a bottle of Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube, a Guitar Neck Rest Baltic Birch, a Polishing Cloth Kit with a Manual Hand Crank String Winder, a Power Electric Screwdriver Winder (electric screwdriver not included) and two sets of all US made Dr.Ducks or Ducks Deluxe guitar strings (you can pick any two sets you like including Mandolin, Banjo or Dobro ... 1 Electric and 1 Acoustic or ??? ... you want options ? ... we give you options ... )

- your choice of sets !!!.. and a cardboard box with your name and address on it to keep it all in ... List Price of around $60.00 US$ or so ...

And All For Only---$45.90 !!!

Ship/Hndl will run you $9.00 delivered anywhere in the Continental U.S or Canada ... or ... $24.50 delivered anywhere else in the world !!

* (see guitar string page for string options and details)


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