~ The U.S. Open of Surfing Go Get Wet Guitar Supply Sale ~

The U.S. Open of Surfing Contest is Americas' largest pro surfing competition and is held around the last week of July and/or the first week of August (depending on the surf) at the Huntington Beach pier in Huntington Beach, California.

Here's a tidal wave of savings to honor this historic event ... you get ...

1- Bottle of Dr.Ducks Ax Wax ----------------------------------------------$11.95 Retail
1- Dr.Ducks Polishing Cloth Kit with String Winder------------------$8.95 Retail
1- Spin-A-Roo Power String Winder -------------------------------------$5.00 Retail
2- sets of Ducks Deluxe Guitar Strings (any
6 string set)--(up to)--$31.80 Retail
1- Cardboard Box to keep it all in ----------------------------------------------Priceless

Plus Freight-------------------------------------------------------------------$6.00

A Retail Offer of close to ---------$60.00... or so ...

All For Only---$24.90!!!

Ship/Hndl will run you $6.00 delivered anywhere in the Continental U.S or Canada ... or ... $15.50 delivered anywhere else in the world !!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To all of our valued customers - Please be aware that

(Acoustic or Electric or Dobro - 6 String Guitar String set .. Your Choice !!)


YES !!! .. It's True !! ...Everything a Guitarist Could Want ! ... SAVE TIME AND $$$ - You get a bottle of Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube, a Polishing Cloth Kit with a Manual Hand Crank String Winder, a Power Electric Screwdriver Winder (electric screwdriver not included) and two sets of all US made Dr.Ducks or Ducks Deluxe guitar strings (you can pick any two sets you like including Mandolin, Banjo or Dobro ... 1 Electric and 1 Acoustic or ??? ... you want options ? ... we give you options ... )

- your choice of sets !!!.. and a cardboard box with your name and address on it to keep it all in ... List Price of around $60.00 US$ or so ...

And All For Only---$24.90 !!!

Ship/Hndl will run you $6.00 delivered anywhere in the Continental U.S or Canada ... or ... $15.50 delivered anywhere else in the world !!

* (see guitar string page for string options and details)


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