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"...visit this fine feathered music man...a variety of products and services...with selected forms from the "Ultimate Notebook" available online...extensive page of links...waddle on over and check it out..."
Cyber Music / Music Connection Magazine


"...This ascetically pleasing site offers more than just good looks...probably the most up to date and comprehensive listings of upcoming guitar shows and can obtain free samples from the "Ultimate Notebook"...last but not least there is an impressive group of links to other guitar oriented sites available...this site is definitely worth taking the time to see !..."
Net Watch / 20th. Century Guitar Magazine

Dr.Ducks Guitar Dating Service, Guitar Accessories Extravaganza, Voted Ohio Guitar Exchange site of the month !!

Ohio Guitar Exchange / August 1998

"...Dr.Ducks Dating Service...not a matchmaking service for our "web" footed friends...find out the age of your guitar... a lengthy list of manufacturers is presented... Ducky...."

News, Views & Previews / Guitar Magazine

"...the makers of Dr.Ducks Ax Wax have created a World Wide Web service called "Dr.Ducks Cyberspace Showcase Services"...provides an inexpensive way for music people to get onto the World Wide Web ... Dr.Duck will not charge clients a precentage for any products they sell on or through their web page..."
The Music & Sound Retailer Magazine

"...a combination of marketing and public service .. dedicated to the guitar not only as a business but also as an enthusiast..."

Resources / The Guitar Newsletter

"...gas up that Lear jet - there are happenings all over the map! From guitar specific swap meets to music fests, you'll find tons of listings to choose from ..."

Site Reading / Guitar Player Magazine

"...besides that when I wore a young man's clothes, I pissed off more than that in a titty bar in Dallas...that did it, Doc...enclosed is your check..kindly run it through the bank and don't cash it down at the liquor store like you usually do...write me if you get work ..."

Jimmy of Guitars Etc.

"...what an AMAZING web site ! ... we were astounded... and then we found the events listing .. WOW again..."

Donna & Katy

"...The Duck knows ....have a guitar or music oriented web site???... win a "Ducky"... read the qualifications required to enter your site. If you meet their rules ... send them info .... Good Luck !.."

Cyber Music / Music Connection Magazine

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