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1,000 Great Guitar Sites
20th. Century Guitar Magazine
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - (the Oscars)
Accessories Extravaganza
Acoustic Guitar Focus

Acoustic Guitar Magazine
Acoustic Guitar Strings
Acoustic Guitar Workshop

A&D Music
Advanced Directions for Using Dr.Ducks Ax Wax

Andys Guitars
Applause Music Careers
Arpeggio Music Store

A to Z Guitar

Awards For Music Related Web Site Excellence
Ballew's Music

Band Biographies
Band Names
Bass Guitar Polishing Cloths
Bass Guitar Strings
Beard Guitars

Bernunzio Vintage Instruments
The BillBoard Charts
Blue Star Music

Box Musical Enterprises
Buffalo Bros. Guitars
Cash For CDs'

Cassell's Music
Classical Guitar Strings
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Copyright Kit

Crazy Horse Music
Cyberspace Showcase Services
Dan's Guitar Pages

Deluca Music
Dons' Music Land Ltd.

Dr.Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube
Dr. Ducks Garagantuan Guitar String Stock Up Bonanza
Dr.Ducks Guitar Dating Service
Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show

Ducky Awards for Guitar & Music Related Web Sites
Ducky Awards Hall of Fame
E Z Guitar

Electric Guitar Strings
Equipment Cleaner & Power Cord Restorer
The Farting Doughboy
Fazio's Frets & Friends
Featured Products
The Harry Fox Agency
FREE Booked Dates Calendars (print some out)
FREE Guitar Courses

FREE Set Lists (print some out)
GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit & String Organizer

The Grammy Awards
Great Guitar Sites on the Web
Guitar Base
Guitar Case Stickers
Guitar Community
Guitar Doctor
Guitar Emergency

Guitar Gallery of Houston
Guitar Lessons

Guitar Magazine
Guitar Musician

Guitar Nine Records
Guitar Notes
Guitar Place
Guitar Player World

Guitar Polishing Cloths
Guitar Prescription Radio Show
Guitar Repair Bench

Guitar Tab Universe
Guitar Town Online

Guitar Villa
Guitar World Magazine
Gulfcoast Guitars
Hall of Fame for Guitar & Music Related Web Sites

Harmony Central
Harmony Wheel

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Hill Guitar Company

The Hit List
House Ear Institute
House Of Musical Traditions
How To Play Songs On Your Telephone

Independent Musicians Network
International Guitar Research Archive
International Guitar Seminars

International Vintage Guitars of New Orleans

Featured Products
Jazz Guitar Strings
J K Lutherie
KCA - NOS Vacuum Tubes
Kirch Works Studios

Last Page Of The Internet
Legato Guitars
Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters
McCabe's Guitar Shop
Media Guilds International

Mega Guitar
Monster Guitar

Moonstone Guitars
Mountain Music
Music 123

Music Connection Magazine
Music Producer Production

Musicians Assistance Site
Musicians Institute
The Music News Wire Service

Music Teachers Registry & Locating Service
Music Theory - The Harmony Wheel

Musical Instrument Makers Forum
My Guitar Workshop

NEW TECHNOLOGY !! - take your picture online !!
Norms Rare Guitars
NYG Designs - Engraved Guitar Parts
Ohio Guitar Exchange
The Oscars - (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)
Picker's Supply
Planet Shark Productions

Players Vintage Instruments
Polishing Cloths
Radio Show - Dr.Ducks Guitar Prescription

Rock - n - Roll Ranch Studios
Featured Products
Songwriting Consultants Ltd.
Songwriters Critique

Songwriting & Music Biz Page
Southpaw Guitars of Texas
Spectrum Audio

String Instrument Tuning Knob Repair
Sun Studio - Memphis, Tenn.
Sylvan Music
Take Your Photo On-Line !!

TAXI - Get Help Finding a Buyer for Your Songs !!
The American Film Institute
The Dialogue Coach

The Ducky Awards
The Ducky Awards Hall of Fame
The Harmony Wheel

The Last Page of the Internet
The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
The National Association of Broadcasters
The National Endowment for the Arts

The National Music Publishers Association
The Olde Guitar Store
The OOP's List

The Recording Industry Association of America
The Screen Actors Guild
The Society of Composers & Lyricists
The Starving Musician

Top 40 Countdown
Tric Pick
The Ultimate Guitar Polishing Cloth

The Ultimate Notebook
The Worlds Largest Guitars
Upcomming Guitar Shows, Music Festivals & Events
Vintage Fret Shop

Vintage Guitar Magazine
Voltage Guitars

Wanna Buy A Guitar ??
Wanna Buy A T-Shirt ???
We Are - Songwriting Promo

Weird Band Names
What the Experts Have Been Saying
World Time Zone Map

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