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The letter in the serial number is the year that the guitar was made in .. starting with "B" for 1985..in conversation with Heritage Guitars at the 1999 NAMM show Heritage told me that when they get to "Z" and have to start over ... they will start the next year with "AA" then "BB" etc ...and then "AAA"...


This came in from Warren Cramer, Axaholic on Jan. 27, 2004...

Hey Dr. Duck

Thanks for the cool website with great info.

However, I regret to inform you that you had too many beers the day you put up the Heritage Guitars Dating info.

You are One Year Off.

Heritage Dating Corrected:

It starts at "B" for 1985.

"G" is 1990.

"L" is 1995

"Q" is 2000,

on up to "U" for 2004.

See the Heritage Website:


I was also told by a Michigan guy who sold me a Heritage, he said a relative of his worked for the factory, he said that the Heritage dating system is sorta similar to Gibson's, because the numbering system identifies the day of production and order of production, as in, L12026, would be made in the year 1995, on the 120th day, and the instrument would be the 26th one made that day...

Of course, this is not Official Info... but "Velly Intellestingk"...

Sound like it might be right, anyway, haha...

Makes sense, because I have never seen a Heritage with a number beginning higher than 3, and the fourth digit is usually not higher than 6 either...... as in M30756

I have four Heritage jazz guitars, they are Excellent...

Hope this helps.

Maybe you can find backup info from Heritage, possibly????
I would be interested to know if the number decoding is right.....?

Keep on Quackin'...

Warren Cramer, Axaholic.

Warren is right... I checked with the Heritage web site and it confirms that it starts with "B" for 1985 ... so this page has been corrected ... It seems that I spoke with the wrong person who gave me the original info at the NAMM show ...maybe he was drunk or just plain didn't know...

This just in ... April 23, 2006 ... Hello, - Warren could be partially right concerning the Heritage date code, but I own a Heritage H 535 with the ser.no U25504 !

According to Warren this guitar should have been made on 11 Sept 2004 ( saturday !!) But i bought it new on 21 August 2004 from "REAL GUITARS " in Germany - so what did I buy ?? :-)))

Kind regards, Justus

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