Starting in 1993 ...the first two digits in the serial number is the year that the instrument was manufactured in...

(Serial number 7832 was the first guitar made in 1989)

Before 1993 the serial numbers are numerical.. Taylor hasn't sent Dr.Duck the numbers to post here yet ...so you will have to contact Taylor (619-258-1207)for information on guitars made before 1993

The following came in from a guitar player named Jim Hester on 11-26-1998 .. sometimes the guitar builders will respond to one of their customers better than they will respond to Dr.Duck ... We Thank Jim for the additional info and would like to hear from anyone who has additional (it must be accurate) info on any brand of guitar that we have listed in Dr.Ducks Dating Service... we also welcome any new brands of guitar that are not listed here (they must be available to the open global market) ..

Thanks for your great website with info for dating serial numbers for so many brands of guitars! I appreciate it and in the spirit of giving as well as taking, I'd like to share with you a bit more info on the Taylor serial number system.

I own 3 Taylors (a 510, a K-65, and a 914-C Custom Shop) and last March I wrote Taylor asking for details on their labels and serial numbers. They wrote back the following:

The current serial numbering system is: YYMMDDF## where YY is the year, MM is the month, DD is the day of the month, F is the finish (1 for gloss and 0 for satin) and ## is the number of the guitar made that day. Therefore a serial number of say 950427119 (just to make one up) would be the 19th guitar completed on April 27, 1995 and it would have a gloss finish. Taylor Custom Shop guitars have nothing in their serial numbers or on their labels that identify them as such and can only be idendified by their non-standard appointments or upgraded materials from what would usually be found on that particular model for that particular year.

Thanks again.
Jim Hester

This came in from Steve .. 10-12-1999

Actually the last three digits for newer Taylor guitars are 0 for low end, 300 or 400 series, 1 is for high end, basically everything else, and the last two digits are when the guitars were started, not finished. Your info page says otherwise. I just bought a new Taylor, and it's awesome. I can't wait to buy another one when I become more worthy. ...Steve

This came in from Bill ... 8-19-2004

While resarching a used Baby Taylor I purchased yesterday I saw the information on your site on how to read a Taylor serial number, and I have someting to add.

The serial number on my Taylor is 970819311-1. Two things struck me about this serial number that is quite different than other late model Taylors. First, the seventh didget is normally a 0, or a 1 to describe the series. But mine has a three in the seventh position. Turns out that simply means its a Baby Taylor but the Taylor web site does not point that out. I believe that today a 0 or a 1 is all you will see in the seventh position even for a Baby. They simply gave the Baby the model number 305.

The reason I was so curious about my Baby T. is the presents of Amy Grant's name on the faintly etched rosette around the sound hole, and her signature on the sound board. It also has the name of one of her albums (Behind the Eyes) in the rostte.

After a little research, I discovered that Myrrh Records gave such a guitar away in a promotional drawing at a Tennessee Christmas Contest on November 25th 1997. Just a few short weeks after the guitar was manufactured. I believe I now own that guitar. I found it in a pawn shop in Atlanta and after several visits to the shop to see it over the past few months, I purchased it yesterday. Sure would like to know where its been the past seven years, that would be interesting.


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