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May 3, 2005

Dear Dana: Thank you for the updated info on Warwick Instruments.

I will post your letter for all to see the corrections... and hopefully help to eliminate any future confusion ... (but don't count on it..)

Yes .. we have no record of Warwick being a customer of Dr.Ducks Ax Wax either ... it was Elrick Basses .. not Warwick Basses ... sorry for any problems that may have caused.

It's folks like you who help to make "Dr.Ducks Dating Service" the guitar / bass resource that it is, and we THANK YOU for it ..

Enjoy ... Dr.Duck ...



I was contacted by a consumer requesting help with Warwick serial numbers. He emailed me a link to your site. ( <http://www.ducksdeluxe.com/warwick.html>http://www.ducksdeluxe.com/warwick.html) I would like to correct a few things.

1) Warwick serial numbers from 1988-on all follow the same format. A xxxxxxxxx 97. The year of manufacture is always the last two digits on the right. The month of manufacture is represented by the letter on the left. A = January. M = December There is no "I". Most serial number preceding 1988 also follow this format, although exceptions have been seen.

2) Our phone number is (805) 644-6621. Fax is (805) 644-6332. Our address is below.

3) Our general email address is dbglit@danabgoods.com.

4) As far as I know, neither Warwick or Dana B. Goods use Dr. Duck's wax on our instruments, although you make a fine product.


Dana Teague
Dana B. Goods (US Warwick distributor)
4054 Transport St., Unit A
Ventura, CA 93003

805-856-1701 (direct)
805-644-6332 (fax)

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